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Board & Staff

  • Master Doug Paik Founder & Executive Director - Board of Directors
    Master Doug Paik Founder & Executive Director - Board of Directors

    Master Doug has over 30 years of experience teaching Martial Arts. He is a 6th Dan Tae Kwon Do Master Black Belt, Krav Maga Black Belt with Alpha Krav Maga International, Black Belt in Hwarang Haidong Gumdo, Brown belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu, and a professional Mixed Martial Arts Coach (certified under American Top Team), and a certified Muay Thai Instructor (Kru). Master Doug graduated with a Bachelors degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and earned his Juris Doctor degree from Brooklyn Law School. He also has over 15 years of experience in building international businesses and is an inventor of several consumer products.

    Through years of training, Master Doug has learned to infuse work with play and play with work - loving what he does and doing what he loves! Martial arts has long become a way of life. Sharing all the personal and communal benefits of martial arts is a tremendous joy.

  • Susan S. Kim Director of Operations - Board of Directors
    Susan S. Kim Director of Operations - Board of Directors

    Susan has over 20 years of experience working closely with youth and young adults. In NYC and Boston, she was a youth and college pastor, serving in many capacities, including mentoring, counseling, staff building, and program development. She is currently an Adjunct Professor and the Assistant to the H&S Chair at the School of Visual Arts, where she continues to enjoy working with an eclectic population. Susan graduated with a Bachelors degree from Gordon College and a Master of Divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She has two daughters, who share in her love for sports and the great outdoors. Susan is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Instructor for Alpha Krav Maga International and a student of the Martial Arts. She loves coaching others in fitness and self-defense, and believes it can unlock potential and promise in anyone willing to learn.

  • Michael W. Smith Lead Counselor - Board of Directors
    Michael W. Smith Lead Counselor - Board of Directors

    Michael is a school counselor at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Teaneck, NJ. He provides school counseling services to approximately 500 5th-8th grade students. He is a team member of the HIB (Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying) committee, PBSIS (Positive Behavior Support in Schools) committee, Cultural Competence committee, and the Section 504 committee. Michael is also the group leader of the Upstanders Club (anti-bullying initiative), the BF Achievers Club (male mentorship initiative), and the Academic Support Coalition.

    Michael also serves as the Director of the MetroLIFE Project in Englewood, NJ. He is responsible for all aspects of developing the at-risk youth leadership model that currently serves Englewood residents. This includes planning, coordinating, managing, and evaluating infrastructural components of the programming framework: mind & body balance, academic support services, career development, group counseling sessions, community service, fellowship events, mentorship, and stipends. He oversees expenditures and budgetary allotment. He is the head mentor, counselor, and the curriculum advisor for all instructors, mentors, and mentees.

  • Soke Grandmaster Larry Barr - Board of Directors
    Soke Grandmaster Larry Barr - Board of Directors

    Soke Barr is the Founder and 10th Dan of Seido Ryu (Way of Life Style) Karate. He has been training for almost 35 years and has been a volunteer instructor for the past 25 years. He teaches out of the Bergen County Police Athletic League, and is the Vice President of the organization. Soke Barr has been inducted into several martial arts halls of fame, including: Teacher of the Year (2013), Man of the Year (2014), School of the Year (2015), Family of the Year (2016), and International Grandmaster of the Year (2017). His mission is to "save lives through the power of karate-do."
    Soke Barr is also an ordained minister of the martial arts through Shinja Martial Arts University, having recently been given the title Reverend.

  • Renshi Debbie Barr - Board of Directors
    Renshi Debbie Barr - Board of Directors

    Renshi Barr is a 6th degree black belt in Seido Ryu Karate. She has been training for 23 years and is currently the Sempei of her dojo. Renshi is the highest ranked student under Soke Larry Barr. She is a world class competitor, winning World, National and State Championships.

    Her most recent awards include 2016 World Karate Union Woman of the year, 2017 Action Magazine Hall of Fame teacher of the year, and 2018 Action Magazine Hall of Fame Competitor of the year. Renshi Barr grew up in Jamaica, where she was inspired by her movie hero, Silver Fox.

    Debbie has been married for 20 years and has four children. Professionally, she is the Court Administrator for the City of Englewood, NJ. One of her greatest accomplishments was being selected to perform kata with her daughter, Serena at the 2017 International Hall of

    Honors in Barcelona, Spain. Renshi Barr is a member of the Woman’s Martial Arts Network. She has been given the title Reverend, as an ordained minister in the Martial Arts through Shinja Martial Arts University. Her motto is ‘’Be strong in the dojo, and be strong in life.”

  • Jones Kim - Board of Directors
    Jones Kim - Board of Directors

    Jones works as the Vice President of Finance and Operations. He has helped launch business units in Germany, Mexico, Canada, China and the US. His global responsibilities include implementation of Accounting, Finance and Operational infrastructures company-wide.

    Jones was also the Founder and Director of Big Brothers Super Sisters, an organization for orphanage programs in China.

    Jones and his wife, Jamie, have two children, Isaac and Ashley. His hobbies include any form of auto racing and paintball with his kids!

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